Our Strategy and Mission:

OPPORTUNITY:  We believe that a technological revival is right around the corner in the US and other industrialized countries.  We also believe that we are not ready for the information technology demands of that resurgence.  Specifically, we believe that shortly, there will be an enormous shortfall of computer science resources in software design and code writing.

STRATEGY:  Russia and other Eastern European countries are rich in highly trained computer scientists. We believe in the industrial potential of Russia and other Eastern European countries.  We wish to participate in that potential while contributing to the industrial development of those countries in a meaningful way.

ISSUES:  The regulatory scheme, infrastructure and business ethics in Russia and other Eastern European countries are different from the western world and these conditions cause obstacles for US investors and venture partners.  Russian computer scientists have little understanding of dealing with the western customer and have a varied command of English.

MISSION:  ICES proposes to create a combination of training and employment opportunity for Russian computer scientists which will position them to serve the western customer in a user-friendly, efficient and high quality manner.


Who Should be Interested:
  • Potential joint venture partners from all countries to help us to fund, create and to participate in this business.

  • Russia-based software engineers seeking employment

  • US and Western customers for the software services offered

  • Current University-level computer science students in Russia to participate in a US scholarship program. Individual Scholarship Opportunities  Individual candidates will reside in smaller (2nd and 3rd tier cities)

All Respondents will be expected to enter into a Confidentiality Agreement.