CHECKLIST FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF SCHOOLS:  The following have been identified as issues to consider when searching for prime locations to create software and computer science scholarship centers.  It has been tentatively determined that initial locations be in second and third tier cities (as to population).  This determination is based on research indicating that this size city will have a good source of underutilized labor, good basic education, more stable labor conditions and ultimately lower labor rates for a higher quality work force.


STUDY FOR ESTABLISHMENT OF SCHOOLS:  Pilot program: Novosibirsk, Russia.  Novosibirsk has the size to attract joint venture partners, serve as a headquarters location for the region and be a hub for some of the less populated, Eastern Russia cities into which expansion is planned.

  • Property lease for a 10,000 square foot building

  • Furnishings, desks, tables, chairs, phone

  • Estimate expenses for utilities, etc.

  • Begin process to look for and secure teachers both full and part-time.

  • Baseline salary structure for teachers. 

  • What will be required to incorporate and become accredited by local or country government

  • Perform some test market research to identify if and who wants this education

  • Check competition and what they charge and for what (exactly)

  • Interview some existing teachers and determine what compensation they receive for courses

  • Visit a school and identify if it is a house, storefront, traditional school building, church?

  • What locations are the most convenient to transportation?

  • What are the needs for a GED-type program, college level courses, ESL, etc?

  • Begin to identify candidates to spearhead this endeavor

  • Contact Professors and ask for possibilities to partner with existing universities

  • Begin a business plan to identify pay back models for various education and scholarship activities