International Council Education & Software Partners (“ICES”) seeks to combine two of its distinctive competencies, i.e.:

  • Classroom and virtual education through computer and Internet media

  • Development of a significant, high quality, offshore software design capability

This business will employ an under-utilized labor base to supply an anticipated fast-growing U.S. demand (as expected business prospects for software design and computer code writing sharply improve).

A.  EDUCATION: ICES’s concept is to offer its proprietary educational and training program (relying heavily on ICES’s “virtual education” computer and Internet tools) to local nationals of industrially developing countries such as Russia and Ukraine.  The educational experience will focus on English as a second language (ESL), dealing with a western employer and skill building in information technology (IT) software design and code-writing.  In short, ICES will teach local nationals how to sell such services to western customers. The Education Division of ICES will be a stand-alone profit center through tuition fees, scholarship programs, corporate and governmental support.


B. THE BUSINESS OF SELLING SOFTWARE SERVICES: ICES plans to employ those trained in the operation of a significant business of selling software design and computer code-writing services to American and other western customers.

ICES has identified several countries for the establishment of this business and is in the process of identifying one country in which to establish a pilot program.  The two candidates for the pilot are Russia and Ukraine.