Richard Weise



Richard Weise has served Corporate America as a partner of a premiere east coast law firm, a business consultant and as a senior officer of major corporations.  He is a strategic consultant to Industry and to Government.  He is also an entrepreneur, a speaker, an author, and a professor. 


For 20 years, Weise has served as a Senior Administrative Vice President of a $30 Billion global manufacturer with over 100,000 employees.  He created and led what is now a 400 member professional department located in 35 locations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Geneva, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Wiesbaden, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, India and Australia.


Weise is a member of its Management Board, which leads and sets policy for the Corporation.  For as many years, he has served its 18 member Board of Directors, with membership on its Legal, Corporate Governance, Business Ethics Compliance and Environmental Committees.



He founded and chaired the General Counsels Group, is on the board of directors of Corporate Counsel Association, has served as Chairman of The Executive Committee of Center for Public Resources and is active with the Judiciary and Bar.


Weise is on the Boards of DePauw University Law School, and Northwestern University Law School Dispute Resolution Center and the Law Society of University of Arizona Law School.  He is Chairman of The Dispute Resolution Program, Phoenix, AZ.  For many years, he was a member of the part time faculty of University of Chicago Law School, and more recently, University of Arizona School of Law, teaching the advanced course in corporations law.  He regularly lectures at Stanford University, Northwestern University and, more recently, Harvard Law Schools.



Weise has written numerous articles for the business and legal press.  His recent publication is a two-volume book set, Representing the Corporation (6,000 pages), Prentice Hall Law & Business, 2001.  This work, characterized in the press as the "Consummate Corporate Bible" offers strategies, systems, processes and formulas to help organizations improve their integrity, efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness while integrating better and more efficiently with their clients and business organizations.



  • Significant Achievement Award for excellence and innovation in dispute resolution from The Center for Public Resources

  • The Whitney North Seymore Award for outstanding contributions to Dispute Resolution

  • Outstanding Contributions Award from American Bar Association for leadership in the ABA Minority Demonstration Program

  • Award for founding the Asian Pacific American Bar Association

  • Distinguished Alumni Award of DePauw University


LAW- Northwestern, BA DePaul University



Currently: Senior Partner, east coast International Law Firm




Corporate Health

Corporate Disputes

  • Special Settlement Consultation

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Litigation Management, Strategic Planning, Organized Challenge

Departmental Management

International Transactions and Disputes

Executive Search


Education and Software Programming Services (ICES), Fine Arts, Leasing, Classic Automobiles, Personal Search and Asset Management.



Co-founder of the Kimberley House, a private treatment center

Advisor to the Cambodian Judicial and Legal Education Project

Founder of the Weise Foundation

Advisor to the Russian Ethics Center

CEO International Council, Brazilian Schools Project